Our primary goal at CONIX has always been to make payment processing work better, faster, and more cost effectively. We are proud that financial institutions have relied on us for software and service solutions to optimize and protect their payment operations for over 20 years.

Our products provide effective, practical solutions to industry challenges associated with a rapidly changing payments landscape. In the last decade, the payments industry has experienced unprecedented innovations in the form of image exchange, remote deposit, and mobile banking. Most recently, Faster Payments initiatives, such as same-day ACH and real-time payments, are inspiring processing changes, as well as new payment types. CONIX is committed to helping the industry minimize the negative impact of these innovations.

  • TCMxFinancial Institution Settlement — Ensuring that all incoming transactions are accounted for is a critical operation for financial institutions. However, this settlement process has become increasingly complex as the number of payment types, channels, and platforms expands. Financial institutions are also faced with the challenge of accommodating both batch and real-time transactions in their settlement operations. Our settlement product is a server-based solution that supports payments of all types across different channels and platforms, as well as batch and real-time transactions.
  • CPCS Check ProcssingRisk Management — Mobile and remote deposit have become essential customer offerings for financial institutions. Unfortunately, many financial institutions are experiencing an increase in fraud and duplicates associated with its use. Facing competitive pressures for faster funds availability and higher dollar limits, these institutions are looking for faster, more effective methods of detecting fraud perpetrated via the mobile channel. We offer an integrated set of risk management solutions that help financial institutions decrease payment risk and meet regulatory guidelines for high-risk payment channels. Our risk management products also support both batch and real-time payment processing.
  • EIRDSubstitute Document Creation – While the overall volume of substitute document printing is on the decline, there is still an industry need for reliable, accurate printing of image replacement documents. Our IRD product provides a complete solution for printing all types of substitute documents in all departments. The product operates within any item processing or image exchange environment. It supports US and Canadian replacement document design standards and creates both forward and return replacement documents, as well as statement enclosures.
  • CPCS Check ProcessingSupport for Legacy CPCS Systems – As IBM’s CPCS item processing systems approach end-of-life, there are still a number of financial institutions that want to extend the life of their CPCS environment while considering replacement systems. CONIX’s CPCS-complementary products have long-standing reputations for reliable and consistent performance in many of the largest US financial institutions. In addition, CONIX has extensive experience with all facets of CPCS and can assist institutions with a plan to migrate to a replacement system.

CONIX safeguards banks and their customers

by providing the solutions needed to quickly detect
and resolve payment anomalies in a
rapidly evolving payments landscape.