Dupe Detective Now Interfaces with IBM Financial Transaction Manager (FTM)

December 4, 2014

Our industry-leading Dupe Detective® product now interfaces with IBM’s Financial Transaction Manager (FTM) for detection and resolution of duplicate payments. Since 2005, Dupe Detective has been protecting some of the largest U.S. financial institutions from the high costs and risk associated with duplicate payments. The product provides cross-channel detection, Day 1 detection, and resolution with real-time inquiry capability.

Dupe Detective analyzes payment information from any payments platform and identifies duplicate transactions by comparing incoming information to historical information stored in the product database. FTM integrates, orchestrates, and monitors financial transactions, enabling financial institutions to converge their payment operations onto a single platform.

The Dupe Detective-FTM integration includes the automated import of payment transactions from FTM for the purposes of detecting and decisioning duplicate suspects, and the automated updating of the payments in the FTM database in order to prevent the duplicate payments from posting.

Dupe Detective is a platform-agnostic solution that has already been integrated into many different payment environments, such as VisionIP, NCR Transaction Manager, CPCS, DSS, and ACH. We’re proud to add FTM to our list of integrated payment platforms.

For the purpose of retrieving images for suspect review, Dupe Detective also integrates with many different image repositories, including VisionIP, Viewpointe, VIEX, SEI, Sterling, ImageCPCS, ImageVision, ImageMark, ImageExplorer, DEX, and CIMS.

Our newest enhancement to Dupe Detective is the optional Cross-Bank Inquiry® capability for identifying duplicates prior to presentment.

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