CONIX Solutions are SaaS Ready

SaaS/Cloud Computing Capabilities

SaaS Cloud Computing

CONIX solutions can be implemented as either in-house or service provider solutions. When deployed on a per-use or monthly/annual fee basis, our Detective Suite and TCMx solutions make effective and affordable risk management solutions a reality for financial institutions of all sizes. Service provider clients do not have to invest in dedicated hardware, software, and human resources. In addition, these clients benefit from improved flexibility and scalability that enable them to respond quickly to changing markets and customer demands.

Multi-Bank/Tenancy Support – Our solutions accommodate work for multiple institutions on a single instance of the software. This enables service providers to administer and process work for each institution separately and securely, as well as generate reports by institution and overall system level.

High Performance and Scalability – Our solutions are designed for time-critical environments. They are scalable to support high-volume processing and can be implemented with confidence that you will not outgrow the system.

Per-Use Pricing – We offer optional usage-based pricing to service providers for low entry costs and ease of scaling as the client base expands.

CONIX safeguards banks and their customers

by providing the solutions needed to quickly detect
and resolve payment anomalies in a
rapidly evolving payments landscape.

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offers the Detective Suite as a secure cloud service for financial institutions of all sizes. Contact them to learn more.


Advantages for the Service Provider’s Clients

  • Low cost of entry
  • Short setup/onboarding time
  • Predictable monthly costs
  • Ease of scaling for volume fluctuations
  • Elimination of hardware costs
  • Minimal installation effort
  • Reduced maintenance & upgrade costs