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Fraud Detective

Day 1 Fraud Detection and Real-Time Inquiry

Our Fraud Detective® product reduces risk and cost by improving both the speed and accuracy of identifying fraud within multiple payment channels. Its Day 1 resolution and real-time inquiry capabilities enable your institution to prevent fraudulent payments from posting, thereby protecting itself and its customers.

Multi-Channel Fraud Detection – Fraud Detective accommodates fraud processing for multiple payment channels. Regardless of whether the source is traditional check, image exchange, ACH, RDC, or mobile deposit, Fraud Detective intercepts fraud suspects early in the payment stream and facilitates resolution prior to posting.

Real-time Inquiry – Fraud Detective further accelerates detection at the teller line and other online systems (such as ATMs and websites) by providing real-time inquiry for on-us items.

Built for SaaS/Cloud Computing Environments – Fraud Detective is designed and built to be implemented as either an in-house or service provider solution. We offer optional usage-based pricing to service providers for low entry costs and ease of scaling as your client base expands.

Cross-Bank Inquiry – Fraud Detective’s Cross-Bank Inquiry™ option enables your institution to partner with other institutions to inquire on each other’s Fraud Detective systems prior to presentment. As the presenting bank, this enables you to avoid any associated losses, either by placing a hold on the depositor’s account for the amount of the item or refusing the deposit, instead of waiting for the return from the owning bank. By cooperating to achieve early identification of fraud, financial institutions can avoid the associated losses and reduce the adjustment costs.

Fraud Controls, Transaction Monitoring, and Behavioral Analytics – Fraud Detective combines fraud indicators and historical transaction data with behavioral analytics to identify suspect transactions. Unusual account activities–such as those typically associated with kiting, account takeover, and other fraudulent activities–are detected and routed for further decisioning.

Image Analytics – CONIX leverages its early detection capabilities with optional image analytical features, including check stock validation and signature verification, to provide more accurate identification of high-probability suspects.

Automated Decisioning – Fraud Detective combines fraud control settings with user-controlled business rules, using a browser-based, menu-driven interface. This enables you to quickly adapt your processes to meet the changing requirements of your financial institution. Fraud Detective’s business rule engine automates the decisioning of many suspects, including the elimination of false suspects.

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    Decreases fraud losses
  • Protects your bank’s reputation and customer relationships
  • Lowers loss-adjustment expenses
  • Eliminates the support cost of legacy mainframe fraud systems
  • Provides compliance with regulatory guidelines