Detective Suite

Our focus is on building new and better ways to help financial institutions mitigate the risks associated with payments processing. We are committed to safeguarding financial institutions so they can take full advantage of the dynamic changes in the payment industry.

Our Detective Suite™ is an integrated set of risk management solutions that protect financial institutions and their customers from the risks associated with deposit account payments, including RDC, mobile deposit, ACH, wire, and lockbox.

  • Dupe Detective® solves the problem of duplicate payments for financial institutions and payment processors. It provides a Day 1 and real-time enterprise solution that enables the resolution of duplicates prior to posting and sending transit payments for collection.
  • Fraud Detective® identifies DDA check and deposit fraud in Day 1 and real-time environments. It provides a multi-channel solution for resolving fraudulent payments prior to posting, so your financial institution can reduce costs, protect customer relationships, guard its reputation, and comply with regulatory guidelines.
  • Risk Detective™ mitigates the risk associated with mobile capture, RDC, and other payment services by providing real-time rating of customer eligibility using transaction analysis. Risk Detective provides financial institutions with information that helps them determine what types of services to offer their customers and what limitations to impose on the use of those services.

Detective Suite solutions share a common infrastructure that includes components essential to highly effective payments systems.

  • Shared Database – The systems operate on a common database. This maximizes operational efficiency while minimizing support and hardware expense.
  • Shared Processes – Detective Suite solutions share many of the same processes, including incoming file management, business-rule processing, exception review, and downstream exporting. Sharing processes simplifies and streamlines payment processing.
  • Multi-Channel Support – Today’s payment environment demands solutions that consolidate processing across payment channels. Detective Suite products process payments from all sources, including image exchange, RDC, mobile capture, ACH, and traditional check systems. Our solutions integrate with virtually every major item processing platform.
  • User-Defined Business Rules – The Detective Suite business rule engine empowers financial institutions to tweak their risk management operations for maximum efficiency. Its menu-driven interface makes it simple to define and modify business rules dynamically using non-technical staff.
  • Workflow Integration – We draw upon our extensive expertise and thorough understanding of all aspects of payment processing to provide a solution that meets your institution’s unique needs. By integrating our solutions into your bank’s internal systems and workflows, we deliver seamless, automated systems that enable the most efficient use of valuable human resources.
  • Scalability – Detective Suite solutions are scalable to fit well into large or small installations. Expanding the system to meet needs of growing companies is straightforward and undemanding.
  • Multi-Bank Support – Detective Suite solutions adapt easily to hosted service environments. The Suite fully supports processing work for multiple financial institutions on the same system. This enables financial institutions and payment processors to provide the system as a service to other financial institutions.
  • Web Interface – All Detective Suite user interfaces are web-based, providing secured access from anywhere across the enterprise.
  • Automated Tracking & Reporting – Full audit reporting and tracking capabilities are provided for all system activities.


  • Minimal support & hardware expense
  • Streamlined workflow
  • Increased accuracy and productivity