About Us

CONIX has been an industry leader in providing payment processing software and related services to the financial services industry for over two decades. CONIX has a reputation for driving innovation with its products. We are committed to helping our customers take advantage of the dynamic and rapid changes in the payments industry.

Our History

From its founding in 1992, CONIX Systems has taken the lead in developing payment processing products and services designed to reduce system maintenance costs and improve operating reliability and cost performance. CONIX started by developing some of the first commercially available products designed to support testing the frequent changes made to the item processing process. These products reduce the time and cost of performing tests and dramatically improve the accuracy of testing efforts.

In 1998, CONIX expanded its focus to include the labor-intensive core operational processes – balancing, settlement, and transit – by acquiring the CheckFree Corporation division of check processing products. These products became the industry standard because they were designed to minimize operational and system maintenance costs. CONIX quickly addressed the changes brought about by Check 21 legislation. Foreseeing the need for image solutions, CONIX was among the first to provide image solutions to give its customers a competitive advantage.

In 2005, CONIX introduced Dupe Detective®, a Day 1 and real-time, multi-channel duplicate detection product. Responding to increasing payment fraud risk, CONIX developed its Day 1 and real-time, multi-channel fraud solution, Fraud Detective®, and (new to 2014) its customer risk and suitability rating solution, Risk Detective™.

Today, CONIX solutions continue to enable financial institutions to compete effectively by providing solutions for effectively managing payment risk.

Founded in 1992, the company is headquartered in Townshend, Vermont, with offices throughout the United States. For more information about CONIX Systems, Inc. and its products, call (800) 332-1861 or email

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The CONIX Team

The CONIX Team has unsurpassed experience and expertise. It delivers superior products and services because of the care with which each team member is selected and our effort to grow individual knowledge by continually providing a broad experience base through assignments that move people between different product areas.

Career Opportunities

CONIX Systems offers competitive compensation and benefits for professionals able to demonstrate a commitment to unsurpassed quality. We are always looking for good people to join the CONIX team. Even if we do not have any openings for an individual with your particular skills and experience, we will keep your resume on file in case such openings occur in the future. Please indicate your interest in a sales, software development, customer support, operations, legal, accounting, or an administrative position.

For more information, please call 877-332-1859 or send your resume to

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