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Did You Know?

CONIX will be presenting at BAI Payments Connect 2015. Come join us for the following session:

Cross-Bank Inquiry™ and CBI Switch™ for Identifying Duplicates and Fraud
    Monday, March 2
    11:45 a.m. - 12:15 p.m.
    Location: Expo, Theater 2

You can also visit us at Booth 314 to discuss how our duplicate and fraud detection
solutions can help your institution.

Our industry‑leading Dupe Detective® product now interfaces with IBM’s Financial
Transaction Manager (FTM) for detection and resolution of duplicate payments.
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While some national and regional U.S. banks have implemented solutions to address the
increase in dupes and fraud, cost‑effective solutions have simply not been available to
many community banks, check cashers, and other niche payment processors. Our
Detective Suite™ solutions enable service providers to target this untapped market.
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CONIX safeguards banks and their customers

by providing the solutions needed to quickly detect
and resolve payment anomalies in a
rapidly evolving payments landscape.